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Watch the Small Print: Who Does Your Fidelity Bond Cover?

Insufficient coverage can be costly in the RFP process By Gary Sutherland, CIC, MLIS Recently I was asked to review a fidelity bond in a RFP that was in the final due diligence phase of acceptance. The investment professional carried their current bond for five-plus years and believed that it met or exceeded what was needed […]

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How to Use Your Insurance as a Marketing Tool

Gaining new clients, and maintaining your current clients, is obviously a priority in growing your practice. As an Investment Advisor this involves several challenges including compliance issues and the overall stigma created by high publicity Ponzi schemes. But, are you be overlooking a valuable asset in marketing and retaining clients? Your insurance. Your clients and […]

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Investment Advisor ERISA Bonds: an Overview

What is an ERISA Bond ? An ERISA Bond is an amended Fidelity bond that meets the requirements of ERISA law. Unlike a Fidelity Bond, which pays losses to the insured, an ERISA Bond pays losses directly to the client whose assets are managed. It has no deductible, calculates limits on plan assets up to […]

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Affordable Care Act Confirmation Letter

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010. One provision of the Act required that in 2014 all Americans must have qualified health insurance or face a “Shared Responsibility Payment.” Additionally, the Act allowed insurance providers and large employers a one-year delay in reporting the coverage in 2014 to both the IRS […]

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Revisions to Circular 230 – Should I drop my disclaimer?

The impact of revisions to Circular 230 Should I drop my disclaimer? In June 2014 the IRS issued final regulations that make significant changes to Circular 230. The final regulations recognize that the Covered Opinion Rules are no longer necessary, and have been replaced with new standards for issuing written tax advice. As a result, […]

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What SSARS No. 21 Means for your Accounting Firm

SSARS No. 21 Engagement Letter In October 2014, the AICPA announced a significant revision to its Standards for Accounting and Review Services. The updated standard, SSARS No. 21, which goes into effect on December 15, 2015, will allow accountants to provide clients with financial statements but does not require them to provide accompanying audits, reviews […]