Engagement Letters for Accountants & CPAs

These example engagement letters are intended solely for general educational purposes. They are not intended for the purpose of providing specific legal, accounting, or other professional advice to any particular recipient or with respect to any particular jurisdiction. The author, publisher, and distributor of this document (1) make no representations, warranties, or guarantees as to its technical accuracy or compliance with any law ( federal, state, or local) or professional standard; and, (2) assume no responsibility to any recipient of this document to correct or update its contents for any reason, including changes in any law or professional standard. Before using any engagement letter in your practice, you should formally retain the counsel of an attorney knowledgeable as to the accounting industry, your practice, and the laws of any jurisdiction(s) within which you conduct your practice to ensure the document’s maximum usefulness and compliance with applicable laws and professional standards.

McGowanPRO has now compiled all of our available Engagement and Client Letter Sample Wording (for Accountants and CPAs) into one comprehensive booklet.

Sample Engagement Letter Wording and other important Practice Letters is a 67-page PDF document that includes an overview of Engagement Letter usage along with 18 sample letters and provisions including:

– Audit Engagement Sample Wording

– Compilation Engagement Sample Wording

– Review Engagement Sample Wording

– Tax Engagement Sample Wording – personal, and corporate

– Combined Services – Audit & Tax – Engagement Sample Wording

– Agreed Upon Procedures Engagement Sample Wording

– Bookkeeping Engagement Sample Wording

– Acceptance Agent Engagement Sample Wording

– Conflict of Interest Sample Wording

– FBAR Engagement Sample Wording

– Disengagement Sample Wording

– Response to request for client self-employed verification Sample Wording

– Negative Engagement Sample Wording

– Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation) Sample Wording

– Limitation of Liability Sample Wording

– Successor Accountant Letter

– File Retention Policy Sample

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